I recently came across an old roll of Holga images I took in North Georgia and Watch Hill, RI. It was the first time trying the camera and I did not load or advance the roll properly which subsequently produced an interesting collage effect.

The Blue Ridge, Georgia images were taken on a visit to see a Joe, a Silverback gorilla at a one-of-a-kind animal haven. The sanctuary looks very much like a Jurassic Park set with 15-foot concrete walls and electric fences. Joe was born in 1963 in Cameroon and spent time in Germany along with many zoos around the U.S. Getting up close to feed a SIlverback was such a moving experience. Joe passed away in July of 2012.

The other images were taken on a business trip to Rhode Island. Our team was scouting a luxury resort for an upcoming photoshoot. The seaside hotel owned a yacht that was used for entertaining important guests. I was able to get a few quick snaps in before sunset.